What is the HydraSleeve?

Full HydraSleeveThe HydraSleeve "No-Purge" groundwater sampler can cut field sampling cost and your carbon footprint by 50 to 80%!

The HydraSleeve makes groundwater sampling a simple, three-step operation that is more effective than bailers, passive diffusion bags, portable or dedicated pumps.

The low-cost, disposable HydraSleeve captures a "core" of water from any discrete interval in the screened portion of the well with no change in water level and minimal disturbance to the water column.

The HydraSleeve is sealed except during sample collection, then re-seals itself, assuring that a formation quality sample is recovered.

The low-profile HydraSleeve can be fabricated in various sizes to match well and sampling requirements.

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HydraSleeve Benefits

  • Sample for ALL compounds
  • Large sample volume
  • Best sampler for slow recharge wells
  • Conservative results comparable to conventional methods
  • Repeatable sampling method
  • Lower turbidity than purge and sample
  • Slim cross section minimizes disturbance
Many Applications
  • Long or short term groundwater monitoring
  • Samples low-yield wells
  • Determines dissolved contaminant fraction
  • Samples crooked or constricted wells
  • Vertically defines contaminant concentrations or
    composites sampler from 10' screen interval
  • Collects samples in less than 15 minutes
  • Cuts total field time by half or more
  • No decontamination between wells
Easty To Use
  • No training or special tools required
  • Small, convenient and simple shipping
  • Reduces field sampling costs by 50 - 80%
  • No purge water disposal
  • No expensive equipment

How It Works

How the HydraSleeve works.

Methods of Sampling With HydraSleeve

Methods of sampling with HydraSleeve