Well Template Form

EON Products Suspension Tether Assembly 08202021

Suspension Tether Preparation Services

Installing Passive Groundwater Samplers is even easier when you let EON prepare the Suspension Tethers.


EON Tether Preparation Services are less expensive and more reliable than field preparation. We provide complete documentation of materials and configuration for each well. For PDBs, DMPDBs and HydraSleeves. Call or email to learn more details.


All that's left for you is to find the well, attach the sampler, and install!


Just contact EON or Click Here to download our Well Data Form. Simply fill in the well data and desired sampler locations and we will provide a well by well parts & price detail.


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Based on the well details you provide, we:

• Measure and cut-to-length the tether material, leaving spare for adjustments

• Attached a stamped metal well ID tag

• Install connectors for the diffusion samplers in the locations you specify

• Attach the reusable stainless steel weight

• Include a Snap connector for attachment the tether to the bottom of the well cap

• Then we spool the prepared tether on an easy to use Reel and label the reel with the well ID