(GSH150) Armored 2-inch HydraSleeve 1-liter

No-purge groundwater sampling device provides larger sample volume, a full 1 liter, to be used in 2" schedule 40 and larger wells. Holds ~1,000 mls. This armored version includes protective out sleeve attached.
armor2__HydraSleeve_1_4c011bc89134b.jpgArmored 2-inch HydraSleeve 1-Liter Sample Volume
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No-purge groundwater sampling device provides larger sample volume, a full 1 liter, to be used in 2" schedule 40 and larger wells. Holds ~1,000 mls. 

The armored HydraSleeves have a protective outer sleeve that more than doubles the wall thickness.

An Armored HydraSleeve could be useful in steel wells, open boreholes, or anywhere you might expect that the HydraSleeve would come in contact with jagged edges or increased potential for abrasion.

Disposable. Fits in 2" Schedule 40 and larger wells. Standard material = virgin 7 mil PE.

We would suggest moving one up on the weight size chart to overcome any trapped air between the layers of material, and also to accommodate pulling down the additional buoyancy of the Armored HydraSleeves.  We would suggest unsing 11-ounce minimum with this armored HS-2-1L-ARMOR

Absolute maximum volume obtainable without spilling 1.1 liters

2.75" 38" 1.75" ~1000 ml


Fill stroke is the length of the sampler when used in 2-inch wells.  It will be longer for larger diameter wells.  Alternative method of recovery is recommended for use in larger wells - see link below.

DO NOT USE SPRING CLIPS WHERE JAGGED EDGES AND OBSTACLES ARE APPEARANT DOWNHOLE - Therefore you typically will not use spring clips with armored versions of the HydraSleeve.


  General information on Armored HydraSleeves Armored HydraSleeves
Minimum Recommended Weight
11-ounce bottom weight
If the well is more than 250 feet deep,
or there are obstacles down hole,
you may want to use heavier than
11 ounces.  Also stringing multiple sleeves
on one tether requires heavier weight.
 Weight Selection Chart
Top Weights cannot be used with armored
If you encounter short saturated screens
and need to use armored sleeves we
recommend using an alterntive method
of recovery - see link >>>>

Alternative method of recovery - oscillating
HydraSleeves during retrieval
 Tether available in 500, 1000, and
2000-foot rolls.  Marked sequentially in
feet along the length of the line.
  About our tether.
Sand Weight Clips $0.25 - for attaching
the bottom of HydraSleeves to the tether.
Typical for multiple sleeve deployment.
  About bottom (sand weight) clips
 Spring Clips are not typically used with
Armored HydraSleeves
Don't use Spring Clips in 1.5" wells
or when there are obstacles.  See link >>>
on alternative attachment.

Alternative Attachment without spring clips