Introducing the Wide Mouth HydraSleeve Adapters

We have two new accessories to introduce today. Assembled SWA

When HydraSleeves are used for the size well they are intended - for example, when using 2-inch HydraSleeves in 2-inch wells - they fill in a 1:1 ratio.  When retrieving the HydraSleeve through the water column, most of the water is forced into the filling bag because the water is constricted by the diameter of the well screen.  Therefore a 30-inch HydraSleeve will capture a core sample of water from the 30 inch area directly above where the top of the HydraSleeves sits in the well.

If you try to use a 2-inch HydraSleeve in a 4-inch well, a lot of the water can escape around the outside of the filling HydraSleeve - it's not forced in as fast as it would be when used in a 2-inch well.   Previously we have recommended oscillating the HydraSleeve several times before retrieving them so that you can be sure the sleeve filled within the intended zone.  

Now we are introducing a new top attachment that will mimic the mouth of a 4-inch bag.  This 4- to 2-inch Adapter for use with our 2-inch Super/SkinnySleeve will allow you to have the same fill rate as if you were using a 4inch bag in the 4-inch well without repeated oscillation.   The sleeve is threaded between the top reducer and locking ring - follow the instructions for the assembly of the Super/SkinnySleeve PVC Collars.

Wide Mouth Adapter 4-2inch    








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  As you can imagine, if the fill rate is slower when 2-inch diameter HydraSleeves are used in the constricted environment of a 4-inch well; the same is exponentially true for HydraSleeves being used in a tank, lake, pool or any surface water sampling.

The new SWA (Surface Water Adapter) will get the job done in a 6-inch well or larger.  For the Surface Water Adapter we added an even wider mouth to the top of the smaller adapter seen above in order to accommodate larger diameter wells, surface water and tank sampling.

    SWA - SURFACE WATER ADAPTER 5-INCH OD - $74.00         


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  Both of these adapters require check valve activation with just one oscillation of the sleeve through the desired sampling zone.  Pull up on the line ~3 feet; allow it to drop back to the starting point; and then recover to the surface.  A HydraClamp will come in handy when removing the sleeve from the top adapter.  Place the clamp on the outside of the bag at the check valve to form a water tight seal.  Then remove the SWA or 4-2" Adapter and decant the sample into your lab's vials by following the instructions in the HydraSleeve Field Manual. 

Download the 1-sheet instruction for both of these adapters by clicking here.  Wide Mouth/SWA Instructions