Meet the Sleeves Video Introduction

Here we have a short (<10 minute) video explaining the 4 basic varieties of no-purge samplers available from GeoInsight.  The video gives a brief description of the products and goes into the pros and cons of each variety.

1.  Standard HydraSleeves - introducted in 2001

2. Universal Super/SkinnySleeves - introduced in 2009

3.  SpeedBags - introduced in 2014

4.  W3 HybridSleeve - introduced in 2016

Please view the video below.

meet sleeves 4ovals


or, you can view the video by clicking here and using youtube.

For additional technical help we also have the well template form; or, you can always call 800-996-2225 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific information on your particular job.

There are also several videos that will be of interest in our video library.  Here you will find Informative, Instructional, FAQ's answered, and many miscellaneous videos such as how to retrieve HydraSleeves lost in the well and even a full webinar on no-purge sampling.