Speedbag HydraSleeve - NEW

Introducing a new HydraSleeve Sampling Tool!

The Speedbag (US Patent Nos. 9,726,013; 6,481,300; 6,837,120; others pending)

No waiting!  No equilibration time!  Immediate retrieval!

The video seen below shows the effects of a (modified HydraSleeve) Speedbag on mixing in the water column when deployed in a 2-inch schedule 40 well. 


*YouTube link to the speedbag video:  http://youtu.be/KKopRzfmMhk?list=UUDE2hIItViGS0ZTbsBS3AMQ

The video illustrates very well the minimal mixing that occurs when a Speedbag is deployed and immediately recovered in a 2-inch schedule 40 well.  The results confirm that the Speedbag can be deployed and recovered immediately in a 2-inch schedule 40 well to collect a formation quality sample from the well screeen without waiting for the well to re-stabilize.

Advantages to non-stop sampling (no well equilibration period) using the Speedbag:

  • For the first deployment at a new site, the user can collect the first sample using the Speedbag and then leave a fresh (standard or modified speedbag) HydraSleeve in the well screen to be recovered for the next round of sampling.
  • Immediate recovery will allow for significant time savings when conducting comparison studies.  Just one trip to the well when comparing HydraSleeves to pumped samples.
  • The in/out method utilitzed with the Speedbag reduces sample turbidity.  It only collects sediment that is suspended in the sample zone at the time of collection.  This eliminates the accumulation of in-well sediment on top of the sampler over time.  In fact, it provides the least turbid samples possible with the HydraSleeve.
  • A 500-900 mls sample can be collected from any open well (currently 2-inch schedule 40 and larger) at any time with sampling equipment that fits in your tool box.


  • Currently the minimum well diameter is 2-inch schedule 80 with a maximum sample volume of 900 mls.


  • Has only been tested using a 2-inch Speedbag; has not been tested for 4-inch units.  (However, you can use this in/out method with any 2-inch, bottom-weighted HydraSleeve in a 4-inch well and immediately recover the sample without mixing.)
  • Spring Clips must be used with the Speedbag HydraSleeve or in/out sampling method in 2-inch wells.
  • The Speedbag is not intended for any top-weighted configurations.
  • Must have minimum 6 feet of saturated screen to recover 500 mls using the SpeedBag HydraSleeve. 900 mls version will require 7 feet.
  • The SpeedBag can also be shortened for less sample volume and shorter saturated screens.
  • The SpeedBag can be cycled up and down to collect samples in short water columns.

Cost for the new modified Speedbag (US Patent Nos. 9,726,013; 6,481,300; 6,837,120; others pending) is $35.  Reusable 5-ounce bottom weights to be used with the 500 mls set up are $12 each.  After decontamination, the weight can be moved from well to well if you so choose.  The initial material cost to immediately retrieve 500 mls of sample volume using this set up will be about $47.

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