Extra small 2-Piece threaded PVC Collar for use with the new (Blue) 1-inch HydraSleeves. This item will not compress the sleeve into the bottom of the well.
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131216 6866Extra small 2-piece PVC Collar for use with the new (blue) 1-inch HydraSleeve.  This item will not compress the HydraSleeve into the bottom of the well. Similar to the other SuperSleeve and SkinnySleeve collars, the 1-inch HydraSleeve will thread between the two pieces and is held in place by the threads.

Consists of a top male threaded portion, and a bottom femail threaded ring.  The clip for tether attachment is included.

OD 0.8 inches; (fits in a 1-inch Sched 40 well)

Needs to be used in conjunction with bottom weight, we recommend the 8-ounce bottom weight.

Assembled length 3 inches.

Assembly Instructions for 1" HydraSleeve




1-inch PVC Collar $25

This style bag must have either a top collar and/or top weight.  There is no stiffener, therefore it needs a piece of hardware at the top which serves as a connection point and it assists in this style bag filling faster.

Use top weights to compress the bags into the bottom of the well for short water columns; and use collars when there is sufficient saturated screen and no compression is necessary.

Assembly Instructions for 1" HydraSleeve

Required bottom weights

Minimum 8-ounce bottom weight $22

The 1-inch HydraSleeve assembly will require a bottom weight to go with the top weight or with the collar. 

 Weight Selection Chart


1-inch Top Weight $40.00

 You will need a top weight when the saturated screen is less than 9 feet.  NEW Top Weight for 1-inch HydraSleeve
Tether available in 2000 foot length. Marked sequentially in foot increments along the length of the line  Any type of cable or line can be used.  Please see this article "About Our Tether" which explains the advantages of using our tether. About our tether.
 Important things to consider

You will get better results if you oscillate the 1-inch HydraSleeve within the screen zone.

See these articles for more information.

HydraSleeve Cycling if the Sleeve Doesn't Fit

Methods of HydraSleeve Retrieval



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